We are proposing 30 units, in a well-balanced distribution of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom unit types.

The building proposes a total of 9 long-term, residential parking spaces, on a three-level parking stacker accessed from the public laneway.

Yes, 466/468 Dovercourt Road is the site of the former Matador Ballroom, an after-hours music venue. The building has been vacant since the Matador’s closure in 2007.

There are no listed or designated heritage resources on, or adjacent to, the site. The site is currently not subject to any heritage policies. However, we plan to honour the site’s history, tied to its former use as a cultural and music performance venue, through a commemoration strategy that includes:

  • The preservation of the Matador’s iconic sign on the front façade of the building,
  • Remounting the signature wall as a publicly accessible archive of the many music legends that performed there,
  • Designing the commercial space in the new building to take into consideration the unique design features of the Matador, including its existing materials and the light, height and volume of its main hall, and
  • Visual account of the site’s history as the Davis Dance Academy and Matador Ballroom.

For more information about the heritage value associated with this site, you can download our ‘Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report’ under the Documents section of this website.

At this point in time, it is too early to have secured any commercial tenant(s). That being said, we have been actively consulting, and will continue to consult, with individuals within the City’s music and creative sectors to explore the potential for a music-related use and/or creative offices in the commercial component.

Yes, the proposal is subject to the Toronto Green Standard (sustainable design requirements for new developments) and will meet and exceed the required criteria. Energy efficient building envelopes and mechanical equipment, green roofs, adequate bicycle parking spaces and water conserving plumbing fixtures are some of the features being pursued. The proposal currently has an 80:20 solid to glass ratio which is a key feature that ensures building durability and superior energy conservation.

Independent entrances to the commercial and residential units will be provided from Dovercourt Road, with access to the residential units provided from the ground floor residential lobby and rear parking entrance. Vehicular access will be provided from the public laneway at the rear of the property.

Our application is still proceeding through the City’s development review process, and therefore we have not yet received the necessary approvals to begin construction. If approved, we anticipate that construction will take approximately 24 months.